Friday, August 5, 2011

Dress Complete - What's Next?

I finished up this dress this afternoon. I had the hems to machine sew, the buttonholes to make and buttons to sew on. I am glad that I chose classic shirt buttons, they seem right to me. That dark mark on the right is a water mark from the iron. I was in a rush to take the photo.

Next up is a simple shirt from this batik cotton that I bought from Vogue Fabrics. I don't usually wear green but this really appealed to me as so cheerful and I just want a very simple shirt to wear with beige capris.
The fabric will be a dream to sew, 100% cotton always is. And not boring, because of this bright colour.

I tend to sew boring clothes but this is what I wear most of the time. Sometimes I will wear something a little more exciting but I can't see spending oodles of time on things that only get worn once or twice a year. I would much rather fill up my closet with regular daywear than with special items.

Much of my day is spent back and forth to the swimming pool, grocery store, post office - just plain regular stuff. So the clothes are pretty regular too.

Update: I have been away from this for an hour and I thought "I don't want to make that shirt, I want to make a dress". As soon as I got home, I dug out this pattern, which I had previously made last fall, both the dress and the sweater/jacket.

I tried on the dress and saw that I can cut a smaller size, since I have lost about 12 pounds since I made it last. And I know I have some thick cotton jersey that will work for the jacket. Inspired by Carolyn's post on her "signature style", my mind is changed. That's our prerogative, right? As women, as sew-ers, we get to change our minds.

Now, I am really looking forward to cutting this out tonight.


  1. Great dress! I have that Simplicity pattern, yet unmade. I intend to do the dress and coat. Someday---

  2. I've had this dress and sweater on my too-sew list for quite some time...I really should pull it out and use it for my 6pac! Can't wait to see your version.

  3. Julie, I'm really intimidated to try sewing garments for adults. Even though my skills at the machine are improving, I'm nervous to tackle something so big and where fit is so important (not like kids' costume-y clothes!). Any tips on an easy pattern/style to start with? And what kinds of fabrics would be most forgiving to work with?

  4. If you have access to Kwik Sew patterns, they are great. You need to trace off your size as they print them on thick paper that you won't want to cut.
    I would always recommend that somoene begin with a simple skirt. Especially with an elastic waist because then you don't have to worry about fit.
    Cotton has to be the easiest fabric to sew and so forgiving to hot irons. Rayon is probably the nicest to wear but it slips and slides all over the place and can drive you nuts. However, in a pull-on skirt that flares, rayon would be my choice. Kwik Sew 3337 is really cute and it would work well in a simple cotton, plus you could use two fabrics to great effect. Even though it has a waistband, I am sure that you could work this out just as easily as an elastic waist.
    Kwik 3108 is a gored skirt with elastic waist. This would be best in a rayon and this type of skirt always works out. Probably getting the length right is the hardest thing about it. Too long and it is dumpy, too short and it isn't flattering.
    If you don't have Kwik Sew in your area, Simplicity has nice patterns that are trendy.
    #2184 is a pattern with several options and different lengths. This could be made in a rayon or a soft cotton, or a soft linen. And a lightweight soft denim would be good too. I hesitate to say polyester although in fall and winter, yes definitely.
    Simplicity are always on sale somewhere and there are lots of fabrics to tempt the eye.
    Give it a try and you won't regret it. Once you have made a couple of skirts, try a simple dress - knowing you, Jaclyn, you will learn quickly.