Monday, June 25, 2012

What's been happening

I have been absent for quite a few weeks. Here is the main reason.

Grandchild #9 arrived on June 7, one day before her parents' tenth wedding anniversary. Sarah Elena weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and is a very welcome sister to Hannah (9), Jacob (9), Ben (6), Joe (4) and Isaac (almost 2). Her mom is still getting used to having a second girl after four boys.

I was with them for three weeks, helping out with cooking and entertaining the kids, and drove back home over the weekend. The car's air conditioning was malfunctioning, so Friday was an extremely hot day. Thank goodness, the weather became overcast and rainy for the remainder of the drive, otherwise Teddy (my dog) and I would have been prostrate from heat exhaustion.

I have been sewing, just not posting any photos. I made another summer shirt in navy linen, and a pair of cream pants using Katherine Cheetham's pattern for Pull On Pants. Smart patterns, those Petite Plus Patterns. No alterations needed. I should sew up more of them.

Also knitting. I finished the red sweater and it is blocked, now lying in pieces waiting to be sewn up. And I started another sweater, this time knitting in the round from the bottom up. Plus I knit baby blankets for Sarah Elena. Not that she needs them; everyone got blankets for this new baby. I will post some pictures later.