Saturday, January 20, 2018

So long since posting here, life has been busy with all sorts of new things. Adjusting to a new house, to a new community, to a new weather system and also to a new puppy.

But I have made some living room curtains. There is another window that needs another set, but this is enough for this week. I so dislike sewing home decor items, I find them incredibly frustrating for some reason. The quantity of fabric, the weight of it, the need for exact measuring, and then the task of mounting the hardware on the wall. Neither one of us is very practical and it takes a major effort to screw in brackets for the curtain rod. But we managed today to get this one up and so I felt obliged to finish the first pair of curtains and get them hung. The brackets need to be extended a little further as the curtains get stuck on the blind hardware that is also there, but that is a minor job.

I will so enjoy getting back to garment sewing. A zillion pieces of a pattern is far less intimidating that the 94" of curtain lengths that I was dealing with in these.

This is Tekla, a Norwegian elkhound. She is now 17 weeks old. We got her at 10 weeks, and she has been quite the handful. We have always had dogs from their young puppy age, but I don't recall any being quite so difficult to train as this one. Of course, having a UTI for two weeks at Christmas didn't help as she had to go out every 30 minutes and there were many accidents in the house. But she has a wonderful loving nature and is incredibly curious and energetic. And she will keep us exercising and walking which is so necessary in this stage of our life. 

Other than that, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring. But before that, we are heading south to visit our daughter and her family in Texas. This is the daughter who took up sewing 10 months ago, and has successfully completed over 50 items of clothing so far.  This includes 4 bras and 2 pairs of jeans, there is no stopping her. She has discovered the wonderfully creative world of sewing and her husband even bought her a serger for Christmas. She made a fleece dog coat right off with it. Next are t-shirts and sweatshirts for the kids; the oldest boy said that he was looking forward to something without buttons. 

This is Tekla when we first got her, about 11 weeks old.

And this is her when she takes a nap; she often rolls over onto her back and is out for the count. Only lasts about 15 minutes though, then she is up and ready to go again.

Of course, this has severely limited the amount of sewing that I get done. But every thing has its season.