Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Hot Summer

This hot summer has me sewing more sleeveless garments that I have ever sewn before. I don't usually wear sleeveless, figuring that my upper arms aren't that great. But after a year at aquacise, I realise that my arms aren't as bad as I think and there are many arms out there that look a whole lot worse. That's one of the many benefits of a water aerobics class, you see that there is always someone who looks worse than you do!

So this top is the blouse from Simplicity 2215. I decided to make the blouse to check the pattern fit; what I really want to make is the dress. But rather than risk a wadder and waste yards of fabric, if the blouse works, then I can cut the dress out with confidence.

A nice bonus is that I didn't buy one thing to make this blouse. The fabric was a rayon batik from the stash, the pattern was purchased a few months ago, I had matching thread and there were even perfect grey-blue buttons in the button box.

Two weeks ago, I finished a sleeveless top and 6-gore skirt in linen-cotton, and before that, I made a rusty red sleeveless dress from another linen-cotton blend.Sorry no pictures to show. All those fabrics came from the stash and the patterns were also in the home collection. What a great feeling to use up this stuff and not simply be adding to the home fabric store. I have done enough of that.

It seems my new addiction is wool, I am buying more than I can knit. Also collecting knitting magazines at a rate that needs to be slowed down. Where will I hide that stuff?