Monday, June 3, 2013

Apple Green Sweater

Long time no posts here, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sewing or knitting!  I completed this sweater about a month ago. It took me forever to knit this, and I know where the mistakes are. But I figured that no one but me would know they were there, and I found this pattern so much work that there was no way I could bring myself to undo a few inches to correct the mistake once I spotted it.

One thing wrong with this pattern, there are no instructions for buttonholes and the designer says to simply slip the buttons through the spaces in the right front.  But the spaces are not big enough. So these buttons are purely decorative. I might sew some snaps behind them if I wish to close the sweater.

This pattern is really good. I love the look of the cables with the seed stitch inside the cables. Seed stitch everywhere, even in the ribbing. And for once, my tension must have been spot on, because this fits perfectly. I often don't have that kind of success with my knitting. In fact, the next sweater cast on is definitely too small and I think it might be a present for my daughter who would love to have an Aran cardigan.

The pattern is Plaits and Links by Kathy Zimmerman and you can read about it at this link on Ravelry. I knit it with my favourite yarn, Cascade 220, a 100% pure wool. 

Plaits and Links

As for sewing, I have made capris, a blouse, a jacket, and am currently working on a cotton shirtdress. However, I find as so many others do, that if you blog, that is less time for sewing.  And I would rather be sewing.  TTFN.