Monday, August 8, 2011

Sometimes you just move on

well, this dress didn't work out for me. The fit is not good (sorry, no one here to take photos and I don't know how people take them themselves, I just get flash). The sides are easy to fit, but the neck area just doesn't look good.

I hand sewed the hem last night and have a lining cut out, but I think I will just give this dress away. Someone somewhere will have a brand new dress to wear, even if it is the colour of a frog, LOL! Perhaps I should have made the shirt as initially planned.

Things that don't work out always make us feel like failures. That is why it is good to at least finish the garment and give it away, much better than bunching it all up and trashing it. That is a real waste.

I remember a friend telling me that clothing manufacturers make many samples of a garment before it goes to production. They have a lot of time to get it "right". Work out the design, work out the sizing, work out the fabrics that work well. We only get one chance, unless we have oodles of the same fabric and are prepared to sew that pattern over and over until we are satisfied. Not me, time to move on.

I really want a dress. I rooted through some recent pattern purchases and found this one. Another Simplicity by the way. #2938 for an unlined dress. I doubt I would make that jacket, those flappy sleeves are just not me.

This dress has princess seaming in the front and some tucks in the center front neckline. I am thinking that I can resolve the neckline fit with those tucks. At least, I hope so! But I will make the top first just to check this out. Off to dig out some soft cotton for a trial run.

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