Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Simplicity 2938 Top

Pardon the crummy pictures, but they are self-taken. But I was so thrilled with this pattern that I just had to post my success. After the last pattern failure, I thought long about this sleeveless pattern. I didn't want the poor fit that I just had with the green dress.

tClose up of the neckline, which has nice pleats

I remembered reading once that it is a good idea to cut out the facings and try them on before cutting the bodice. This is to check the neck fit. So I did that. And it occurred to me that I should try a smaller size at the neck and shoulders. Years ago, I read in a Nancy Zeiman book how to measure across your front chest from armhole to armhole and she had a chart that told you which size would fit you best. I measured a 14 according to this method. But I have been cutting size 16 in most patterns and then trying to get a better fit.

So I cut out size 14 facings, tried them on and saw that this would sit nicely on the neckline. So I went ahead and cut out size 14 in this pattern, i.e. size 14 at the neck and shoulder and then out to size 20 at the underarm to get the circumference required at the bust.

This turned out to be too large as well, and I took in the underarm seam down to the bust level, essentially cutting size 18 there. This can be taken in yet again, but this top is finished with binding on the armhole and I will pull it in with that. I have enough of this fabric, which is 50% cotton/50% linen, to make a skirt but that might be too much of this pattern. Still, who says I have to wear them together? A gored skirt in this fabric would be nice to wear.

When I cut out the dress, I will cut size 14 at the shoulders and neck, out to size 16 at the underarm and then to size 20 for bust and waist. It feels so good to know that I can cut this out with confidence, having tested this pattern first and been pleased with it.

This pattern calls for a 12" zipper in the left side seam; in the top, it is completely unnecessary as I can pull this on without undoing the zip. In a dress, however, it might be needed in order to get it over your head and over the shoulders. I guess it depends on how wide the hip area is. I think I could get away with no zipper.

This is the fabric for the dress in this pattern, a cotton/linen blend that has nice drape but enough substance not to be wimpy. I have rayon lining for it, but it may not require it.

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