Monday, June 27, 2011

Two Dresses Complete

Pictures of the sundress for Elena and the dress for her daughter Hannah - these will be delivered in person next week when we pay them a visit in Ontario.

I was going to sew myself a pair of beige capris, but was at the mall this afternoon getting a gift for grandson Jacob and thought why not check out the Eddie Bauer store while I am here? And there were a pair of beige pants that fit - the new cropped style, although on me they are full length pants. I might shorten them 3" or just leave them as is.
With all the other things to do this week before leaving for a mini-vacation, I didn't need the extra pressure of having to make a pair of pants.

While out shopping, I ran into an old friend and her husband and we went for a cup of coffee and caught up on family news. It was great to see her, especially since the last time we talked she was facing a second round of cancer treatments. What a survivor!


  1. Yes, RTW can free us up to do truly enjoy time with your friend. Hope you have a lovely family visit.

  2. Those photos make Hannah and I look the same size! Looking forward to the visit. The question becomes whether or not the dress in the mail will arrive before you do.

  3. If one is placed behind the other, there is quite a difference. Although your dress does look short, the skirt and bodice look equal length. I guess this is going to be above the knee on you.
    The question is now, what to bring Rebecca? since Jacob is getting a gift, Hannah a dress, you a dress, the little ones something, what to get your big sister?

  4. Elena, check out the cute clothes on this site

    They just remind me of you.