Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dress for Hannah

There is something very satisfying about sewing children's clothes. They sew up quickly, fitting is minimal and the fabrics are just so adorable. Kids can wear things that we adults can't and how wonderful to sew such happy colours and prints for a little girl!

The pattern is Burda 9545, version A. This version features a neck facing that is done in reverse, i.e. sewn to the inside and flipped out and edge-stitched in place. This is actually a nice technique for finishing women's blouses and gives an opportunity for some kind of embellishment at the neckline.
The skirt is doubled, with one layer longer than the other. The underlayer will be sewn in the coral cotton with the top skirt in the printed seersucker. So cute!

And I will be delivering this in person to Hannah, as my husband is heading off to Ontario for some work and I am able to go with him for the time. We will be paying a short visit to Elena's family, where we will have a family reunion. All three daughters, Rebecca from Texas, Elena, and Martha (aka Sister Ilaria of the Franciscans of Halifax) will be spending a week together, the first time all three have been together since Elena got married in June 2002.

Elena and Dave will play host to four adults and seven children under the age of eight for a week (plus mom and dad for a day) - good thing the house is spacious and the yard is big too! Here's hoping for some great warm weather, anything must be better than the miserable cold wet weather we have been getting in Halifax for the past two months.


  1. Hannah was tickled pink to see another dress for her. Speaking of summer visitors, I just realised that I had better go to Pembroke some time this week in order to do a really big grocery shop.

  2. The dress is done, I am not going to make the belt, I think it would be stupid and always in the way. I will post a picture later today. I am off to get my hair trimmed, bringing a photo of the back of your hair to Bea!