Saturday, June 4, 2011

What's done and what's in the works

Mundane sewing going on around here. I have finished two pairs of pants using this old Burda pattern 2659.
I have no idea how old this pattern is, but it is new to me. One thing I have learned is that it is worth making a pattern several times, in order to work out the kinks. So I resolved to use this pattern a couple of times, rather than just once and then begin all over again with another pant pattern - pants always necessitate so many alterations!
I am pleased with this pattern, just a few alterations were made. It has nice narrow legs (wide legs I can't wear given my being vertically challenged) and it has a contour waistband. Having some skirts and pants with this type of waistband, I no longer wish to wear any other kind. So comfortable, they curve around your waist and sit on your high hip, rather than cut you in the middle like those straight waistbands.

So now for some fun sewing: I gave in to the urge to visit Fabricville this afternoon just to pick up some patterns; of course I came away with fabric as well.

This lovely cotton plaid feels incredibly soft - it was intended to be a sundress for my daughter Elena, but just feeling it, I think I will return on Monday to pick up another length to make myself a shirt. I am debating between McCalls 5103 (another old pattern in the collection) and Simplicity 2447, a new pattern that looks very cute but might just be too much work with matching the plaid on all those seams.

And for the sundress version, Simplicity 2215 a dress by Cynthia Rowley. This looks so cute and it also looks quick to make.

Also I picked up Burda 9545 for a dress for Hannah, the fabrics are on the line drying as I type. Two green cottons for this dress.

And I also bought McCalls 6123, another dress for Elena to be made up in a navy and white seersucker gingham.

Not finished yet. I always love the patterns by Pati Palmer, so I bought McCalls 6355, a simple pattern for a sheath dress and top that looks like it will become a favourite tee pattern.

And one more pattern, Butterick 5617, a jacket pattern that was shown on Artisan's Square and it is just the style and length of jacket that I love.
Time to get busy sewing and no more forays to the fabric store. Enough damage was done in this trip!


  1. Both those dresses are so cute. I especially love the first sundress - it is sort of retro. Would it be possible in a solid shade rather than the plaid? Like a blue or something? I don't know if the plaid would suit me? Thank you so much. I really do appreciate this so much.

  2. Lots of fabrics here, let me take a look.

  3. Julie,I didn't know you had a blog! I'm so excited and happy to find you!I don't know if you'll remember me from the Sandra Betzina Workshop in 2006.I stll miss your Timmel Fabrics Monday E-mails.

  4. Hi Diana, I sure do remember you. The well-dressed lady who was in such good shape, how's that for memory. And your passion for vacuuming too. I just found your blog too, nice to reconnect.