Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Sewing

Since this blog is meant more for myself, to keep a summary of what I have sewn, here is a very blah photo of a simple tee-shirt. I used a very old Burda pattern that I have had for over ten years. It even uses a front and back neck facing rather than simply binding the neckline with self-fabric.
Would I make this pattern again?  I don't think so.
There are much better tee patterns out there.
The knit is an aqua bamboo knit found in the stash.

But here is a photo of what I have been sewing for the past week: pyjamas for the grandkids. 
I didn't make a pair for the youngest, who just turned one last month. She has numerous sleepers with feet attached, which are much better for little ones to keep their toes warm.

The pyjamas from left to right, top to bottom include a plaid pair for Jacob, then another plaid set for Hannah, plaid pyjama bottoms with a red sweatshirt knit top for Ben.  Second row is a pale blue top with plaid bottoms for Joe, then red top and plaid bottoms for Isaac and last, turquoise top with plaid bottoms for Sarah.

All of these, with the exception of Jacob and Hannah, were made from the stash. I had to purchase new flannel for the oldest kids, as I didn't have enough yardage for them. Now that they are 13, they are into adult sizes and a pair of pyjamas takes 3 metres of 60" wide fabric. They have joined the adult world!  With Sarah and Isaac's, I didn't have enough knit for the tops, so the sleeves are made from the same flannel as the bottoms, they kind of look cute that way.

Very satisfying make to use up all that fabric for clothes that I know will be worn until they are threadbare.

Yardage purchased:  8 metres plaid flannel
2 metres corduroy (for a pair of pants for myself)

Yardage Sewn Up:  19 metres for a total of 66.6 metres in 2016
Yardage Purchased:  53.1 metres


  1. Julie, neat grands Jammie's! And, I love blouse in your last post. It is lovely and does NOT look like camo!

  2. Oh your grandkids will love all those cozy PJs! What great Christmas gifts!