Saturday, October 15, 2016

Butterick 6288

This photo is the dressy version of this blouse. I made the version with the gathered back, but that pleated back version is very appealing. I saw someone in a knit sweater with the back pleated like that and it was very attractive. I could also see this made up in a stretch lace, wouldn't that be pretty?



My version is sewn in a rayon challis that I bought last spring from Black Bird Fabrics. I doubt that I would buy this (actually I am sure I wouldn't) in person, but online purchases are often surprises. The quality of the fabric is good and the drape is lovely, but I had no idea that this would look like 'camouflage'.  One of my grandsons, who loves all things military, might really like to see his grandmother in this.

The pattern has a hidden button placket. I think I would eliminate this on any further versions, it takes time and isn't really called for. In a gorgeous silk fabric, it would be worth the time to make this feature but on an everyday blouse, not.

It is hard to see the gathers on the back but they are substantial.

A view of the split hem, the back is about 4 inches longer than the front.

A bad shot taken with the self-timer. Can't stay out too long, the temperature has dropped significantly since yesterday.

I haven't worn this yet, so time will tell. I am not completely sold on the two-level hem on me. And the collar is set back so it is quite open, I wasn't expecting that either. In a summer blouse, it would be very nice and I think the sleeveless version is worth repeating in warmer weather.

I think, if I make this again, I will cut the back hemline with the curve as in figure C above. And I will save that pleated version for a very special fabric. I love garments that have back interest to them.

Since this is a lovely rayon, I will not throw this in the regular wash, but will handwash it with Eucalan. I have a rayon batik shirt that I still own (it's in the ironing pile) and it must be 7 or 8 years old. It has never gone through the washing machine, but has always been laundered with Eucalan. A great product, you just soak the garment, then gently wring out and hang to dry, no rinsing necessary. And this cuts wrinkles down to a minimum, something you want with rayon.

Fabric Sewn in 2016  -  47.6 metres


  1. I'm thinking that perhaps this should have been matched, because the pattern seems to be in stripes. Oh well, it is a strange busy print.

  2. Such an amazing seamstress you are. I sew too, but your skills are far beyond mine. It may be a surprise that the material looks like a camouflage print, but I would consider that a blessing because camouflage clothes are so "in" right now.