Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not Inactive, Just Quiet

I haven't been doing much sewing over the past couple of weeks. Lots of other things to do, plus hubby returned from working away, and good weather makes me want to be outside rather than inside sewing.

I did, however, finish a jacket that I made last year. I found it in the closet, with just the sleeve hems to be finished. This is McCalls 5396, an out-of-print pattern from Pati Palmer that is still available on her website at

I particularly like back details on garments and this unlined jacket is gathered on the inside back waist with three rows of 1/4" elastic and then a belt is sewn over that on the outside. The jacket has a back yoke, another feature that I like, and I made this in a cotton/linen blend - which has to be my favourite fabric. It is lovely to sew, just like linen, but it doesn't crease like linen.
I think this qualifies as jacket #6, although I am no longer pushing to make 12 jackets before the end of 2011. A nice idea, but I haven't even worn the ones I have made so far, so it seems a bit frivolous at this point.

The plans for the grey/white linen blend changed from Simplicity 2938 to Burda 8511. I am sure this is also out-of-print, but since I can't seem to find my way around the Burda website, I am not going to try and find it here. You can see it (sort of) in the photo with the dress partially complete. I have lined the dress and will finish it soon. But I have to confess I lost interest as our weather has changed and the occasion to wear a sleeveless dress isn't presenting itself now. I shortened the dress to knee length and have lined it with rayon lining so that it will hang better. I find that even cotton dresses wear much better with a lining inserted and it eliminates the need to find a slip to wear.

I have another project lined up that I think I am going to really enjoy. It is Vogue 1247, the "Rachel skirt" - inspired by Carolyn's rendition. I have a medium weight blue denim that has just been through a hot water wash and dry twice and I will alter the pattern when I finish the grey dress. Must finish projects, must finish projects, must finish projects - even if I don't wear them right away.

I looked over the pattern instructions the other day when I bought it and was surprised to see that all the inside seams are bound with bias from lining fabric. I will use a soft cotton shirting rather than lining for the bias, and I will enjoy seeing the diagonal stripes whenever I put the skirt on. I also like the blouse in this pattern, although I think it would have to be snugged up closer to the neck for my use. You can wear something like this when you are 20-ish or 30-ish, but I think I would feel quite uncomfortable wearing something as floppy as this.


  1. You know your comment about the top is interesting because if you check on PR, Ann Smith made the top and looks amazing in it.

    Glad you got the jacket finished and the fabric for the Burda dress looks really pretty. You will love The Rachel Skirt. Mine version is lined but it is a great wearing skirt.

  2. That's a pretty jacket. Love the back interest, and the color is amazing!

  3. Thats a lovely jacket. I agree with you that it's really nice to have interesting back details.