Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rachel Skirt Complete

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong when I made this skirt.

First, I had trouble figuring out the pockets. Then I sewed the back side seams together and put the zipper in there, with contrast edgestitching and topstitching before I realised my mistake.

Then, when I finally put the zipper in the right seam, I cut off the top of the zipper and lost the tab, had to rip all the stitching out and insert a new zipper!

I was beginning to think that I had lost my ability to sew altogether. But the positive side of this project was that I had to take in the side seams at the waist and put darts in both front and back to make it fit. I had originally taken the darts out and added to the waist side seam, but it was not required after all. That was a pleasant surprise.

As other people have found out, this skirt is very short. I had added 6" to the length and this ends up at the knee for me. Double-stitched hem completed the skirt this afternoon.

This is a nice pattern, I will definitely make it again. I think a lining would be a very good idea, because the pocket bags feel weird against the front of your thighs. One is used to pockets being in side seams or being stitched down, not hanging loose on top of one's legs. A lining would eliminate that feature.


  1. I've pulled this pattern out to cut soon. Have to decide on what fabric from the stash. Thanks for mentioning lining. Hadn't thought about that with the lower pockets.

  2. I'm glad to see you got it finished because this is my new favorite skirt...I just need time to make more! I love the idea that you used denim to make this work...and you're right adding a lining is a must!

  3. Hi Julie, What a treat to discover your blog. I was so sad when you closed your fabric business. Your skirt looks great. Wear it in good health!
    Sue W.