Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Kwik Sew Finished, Another Begun

I finished up Kwik Sew 3050 last night, sewing on the 8 buttons while watching a movie. And during the week, I had gone through a box of fabrics, having energetically decided to sort my fabrics by colour. (will I ever be done?)

I came across the softest striped denim in a pale blue that I have been hanging onto for a couple of years. I had originally thought 'jean skirt' for this fabric, but Kwik Sew 3488 called out to me. So this fabric will become a shirt-dress. I actually have another length of it, so I can still make a jean skirt later if I wish. Hoping to lose a few more inches before making something with a definite waistline.

The dress is cut out now, and the interfacing has been applied. This pattern too looks like a quick-sew and I know I will really enjoy wearing this so-soft denim. This is probably my favourite type of project, working with denim and top-stitching forever.


  1. Great dress! I'm looking forward to your denim shirtwaist.

  2. Great dress and looking forward to your next dress.