Saturday, April 16, 2011

Heading into blues

Yesterday, I stopped in briefly at Fabricville to pick up a 14" zipper for Hannah's dress. And quickly looked through the fabrics, just in case there was something too good to pass up. Why should I doubt it? I can always find something. This printed fabric above is 55% linen, 45% rayon, a wonderful combination that drapes beautifully, yet has the stability of linen but without the wrinkle factor. I have found most linen blends to be wonderful fabrics. Linen/cotton is superior to either pure linen or pure cotton, in my opinion. And a fabric that is linen with rayon is just going to be great.
This is destined to be a gore skirt, and in my stash is some tencel denim that is a perfect match. The tencel is the perfect weight for a shirt-style jacket and I know there is a pattern somewhere in my collection that would be just right for this.

It seems that I am favouring blues this season because a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a remnant of pure linen, also from Fabricville, and it matches the tencel denim as well.

I could be onto a collection here. Two skirts, one shirt-jacket, a white blouse and tee and I am all set for spring. I'm off to my sewing room right now.


  1. This is a beautiful combination of fabrics! And you are sooooo right add some crisp white pieces and you have a wardrobe!!!

  2. This actually began with your recent gore skirt, Carolyn, I went back through your blog this morning to look for the pattern #, but I see that it is a TNT pattern. I have a Kwik Sew 6-gore skirt that I have made before and it is the right proportion for me, so I think I will use that pattern. Unless you have a suggestion for something better?

  3. Nice colour combination and adding the white just makes it sooooooooo perfect. I can hardly wait to see the finished products.