Saturday, January 29, 2011

Progress Made

Today, I finished catch-stitching the hair canvas to the front opening edges, the hems and the under collar. I didn't put interfacing on the sleeve hems yet, as I want to check their length once I insert them into the jacket. I usually have to shorten sleeves even more than the 2" that I have already shortened them.

Close up of the front edge of the jacket, hair canvas has been set back so that it is not included in the seam allowance. Being a stiff interfacing, it is kept out of all the hems and seams, and is catch-stitched to the stitching line. Not being a perfectionist, I always eye-ball this, since years of sewing has made me know 5/8" seam allowance pretty well.

Now I can actually begin machine sewing and it should go fairly quick since this is an easy jacket to construct. No pad stitching or lapels to deal with, and not even any set-in sleeves to get pucker-free!

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