Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the Queue

My sewing projects will not be limited to the Jacket a Month sew-along, although that will be the prime motivator during the next year of sewing (I hope). I have a few other things on the list of to-dos.

On that list is this dress
A Girl's 1780's Portrait Dress Pattern
which will be made for my grand-daughter Hannah for her First Communion. The girl in the photo bears a remarkable resemblance to Hannah, even to her smile.

This will probably be late May, but I plan on making the dress first in a printed cotton, and perhaps knee-length or a little longer to check on the fit. I have a gorgeous white eyelet in the stash that will be used for this dress, and the sash will be baby blue satin ribbon. I might even make a tie for her twin brother Jacob, nah, on second thought, I have never sewn for boys and don't plan on starting now. Girls' clothes are much more fun.

It is funny to think that today, my daughter Rebecca`s third child Miriam was christened in the gown I made for Hannah eight years ago. Of course, I had to make two gowns - Hannah and Jacob are twins - with embroidery on the bodice. How time flies! I recall doing that embroidery while sitting with a woman who was dying of cancer. The hours were quiet and peaceful as she lay sleeping and I stitched gowns for new babies. Life is bittersweet.

Hannah will be here for a visit in March, so I can check on the fit then, in the chaos that will come with 5 grandchildren under 8 visiting for a week. I must get in gear and have all the meals frozen in advance so that we can just go and have fun.

As well, I plan on following Robyn`s suggestion and make sure that all the jackets have things to wear with them, so that they don't become orphans in the closet. So, for the Chanel-ish jacket, I plan on making a baby blue top in either a knit or woven to wear with navy pants that also must be made. Otherwise that jacket will languish in the closet.

Clothes to go with the coat in progress won`t be a problem; a short black coat will always have plenty to go with it. In fact, I foresee this jacket being worn out in a year or two.

Didn`t get any time to sew over the weekend, but I hope to have a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon to get the black coat under the presser foot.

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