Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back from Texas

I got back from Texas late last night, and the inevitable laundry and clean-up has taken most of the day. I did pick up some patterns while in Texas, thinking they would be cheaper (not actually). They could be purchased online for less, if I had waited for the BMV sales.

I picked up Vogue 1100, a wardrobe pattern - because I love the neckline on the top and dress, and found the jacket very cute as well. Also picked up another wardrobe pattern, Butterick 5399, because I really liked the coat and have a winter wool here that would be perfect for that pattern. As well, I picked up McCalls 6076, the Perfect Shirt from Palmer/Pletsch and McCalls 5894 The Perfect Jean also from Palmer/Pletsch.

I also found some navy gimp for my Chanel jacket. Our local fabric store is sadly deficient in trims and the gimp is simple enough for this jacket, as I just want to pick up the colour, not make a big statement with the trim. This will be some nice handsewing to be done while watching a movie with my husband, something we usually do on Saturday nights. The trim is pinned to the jacket at the moment, that is why it is hanging down like that. This jacket will be Jacket #1 in the Jacket a Month sew-along on Stitchers' Guild.

Inspired by this jacket in a Chico catalog from last year, I found a brocade that was similar in colour and pattern from Fabrics in Vogue. The question in my mind is which pattern to use.

McCalls 5191 which I have made before and know how it fits,

or McCalls 5860 the new Jean Jacket from Pati Palmer. This jacket will be #2 in the Jacket sew-along.

Of course, I plan on making other things as well, but I must confess the idea of making a jacket, and then making some other things to go with it, really appeals to me. Thinking in terms of outfits, rather than in terms of an entire wardrobe.

Decisions, decisions .....


  1. Very nice fabric. I have both Jacket patterns and like them both so I think either one would be a great choice.

  2. Hi Ann, thanks for your comment. Of course, now I am thinking I should make the winter coat first as there is still two months of winter left in which to wear it.