Thursday, January 7, 2016

First project of 2016

 I have finished my coat. I did everything I wanted to do on this coat, with the exception of handworked buttonholes. After some practise, I was not pleased with my handiwork and opted to go over the buttonholes a second time by machine. The result was just fine by me. And so I sewed on the buttons and called it done.

View of the inside of the coat. All the gunk inside will only be known to me, and the beautiful Kasha lining (flannel-backed satin) covers everything up.

Yes, we still have our old faithful dog Teddy who is now 15 years old. He is in great shape for his age and I attribute that to good genes plus all the exercise we have given him over the years. Even last summer, he jumped over obstacles that the grandchildren had set up when they pretended to be horses. Teddy joined right in.

So far, winter has not been bad. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will not get the kind of weather we had last year. So far, I'm not complaining. The sidewalks are clear and it isn't that cold, so I can keep up my regular walking.

Next up, some shorter projects to give me some new clothes to take to Texas in February. I hear that this is when the bluebonnets bloom, I really hope to see them this time.


  1. Absolutely beautiful coat, and the lining is almost too beautiful to be on the inside! :-)

  2. Julie, so good to see your completed coat! It looks wonderful on you. And your dog - mine are 13 and still going strong, love healthy pups!

  3. How very nice!!! Love love the color!

  4. thanks everyone, I am quite pleased with this coat. Nothing like a successful project to get the juices going.

    1. So beautiful Julie! What an awesome colour to brighten up these winter days too!

  5. Looks pefect! The "gunk" is so important - not gunk at all, but the essential engineering that'll keep your coat sturdy and beautiful for years of wear without the tear. Way to go, Julie!

  6. Really pretty coat. I love the color. It reminds be of a cobalt blue coat I made years ago.