Monday, March 30, 2015

Simplicity 1382

I totally love this dress for my grand-daughter Hannah. The fabric is a soft cotton, white polka dots on a purplish navy background, found in the quilting section of our local Fabricville last year. Intended for a shirt-dress for myself, which never got made, I discovered the bag of fabric with thread and buttons in my sewing room. I'm glad it didn't get made into a dress for me. I can't wait to see this on Hannah. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady and I think she will enjoy wearing such a feminine dress.
You can't see the details because of the dark colour of the fabric, but the bodice is princess seamed and is stitched to an inset waistband. The skirt has gentle deep folds in front and back, a very grown-up look. I remember having a Vogue dress in the early 90's that was similar to this and I loved it. Almost a vintage feel to it.

The pattern is Simplicity 1382. I cut between size 10 and 12 as Hannah is about to turn 11 and she is a slender girl, perhaps a little on the petite side.

There is enough fabric left over to make a dress for her sister Sarah who is three. She is at that finicky age where she only wears certain things. Right now it is leggings and a skirt, pretty hard to get her into anything else. But perhaps if she can see that she could look like her big sister, she might be persuaded to wear a dress. We shall see; if not some other little girl will benefit from the dress, I am sure.

I will ask their mom to take photos when they get the dresses. Which should be in a week or so, as I have to sew the second and then mail them both to Ontario, close to a thousand miles away.


  1. Very cute! Hope she shares pics when the girls try them on.

  2. Beautiful dress Julie! Classic style and colour!

  3. Hi there; I have just begun this dress but I am confused by the cutting layout -- the heart-cut-out back piece, when placed printed side down as directed, looks mirror-image to the piece in the layout diagram in the pattern instructions. Did you find this problem, or am I just doing something wrong? Thanks! Magda in Melbourne Australia :)

  4. i have just begun this dress but i'm already confused at the first part. it says to attach the bodice side to the front matching the notches but I can not get it to line up.