Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kwik Sew 2849

This afternoon, I did the final tasks on this shirt, the hem and sewed on the buttons. This was a pleasure to sew. 100% cotton is the easiest fabric to sew and press. 
I used the collar technique that was illustrated on Tasia's blog at
Previously, in my shirt-making, I have used Margaret Islander's technique of the "burrito" wrap on the collar. I found Tasia's method easier and it assures a better result as I think you are in more control of the process. 

This was the pattern that I used, Kwik Sew 2849, a pattern that was in the huge pattern stash. I don't know if this pattern is still in print, it probably is. Kwik Sew keep their patterns for a long time, as most of them are classic designs. I did switch the sleeve when I realised that the long sleeve did not have a cuff. I simply substituted a sleeve from another Kwik Sew pattern, blending the cutting lines into the sleeve from this pattern.
A satisfying sew. 

And I can blame Tasia and Amanda for enticing me with more shirt fabrics. These three came this week from Amanda's site,  They are lovely fine shirtings and I am looking forward to more shirts in the next few weeks. The first one might be a sun-dress for grand-daughter Hannah though. It is time I sewed something for her.
Instead of wearing knit tees all the time, I am going to switch it up to more cotton shirts this spring. My favourite fabrics, tiny prints, are all back in style. As an aging hippie-type, I am glad to see them.


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  1. Your purple blouse is lovely. I also like a pretty blouse for casual wear and Kwik Sew makes great blouse patterns. I buy batiks for my blouses since interesting high quality florals, like yours, are hard to find. I am trying to resist clicking on that link to Amanda's fabrics.