Saturday, April 6, 2013

Slow going

It's been quite a while since I posted anything on this blog. Since I keep it primarily as a record for myself of things I have made, I am sure that it is not earth-shattering to anyone.

I am always in need of knit tops and I recalled a top I had years ago that I really loved. An old Kwik Sew pattern #1803, long since discontinued, and requiring an extra inch on the side seams, it still works. Basically a button-front sweater, the pattern can be made in most knits. I used a black cotton/lycra jersey from the stash. The only difficulty I had was with the curling edges on the single knit. Wherever possible, I serged the seams together as this controlled the curling.

Just goes to show that old patterns can be worth their weight in gold. I am going to keep this one in circulation; with warmer weather coming, the short-sleeve version will be perfect.

Besides sewing, (I also made some RTL pants in grey from a McCalls pattern) I have been knitting. Still working on the apple green aran cardigan. This may be rated average difficulty on Ravelry, but I would rate it much more difficult. I have had to undo many rows as I made numerous mistakes in the pattern. They may have not been noticeable to others, but they were enough to bother me. The back, sleeves and left front are now done; I am nearing the end of the right front and am so anxious to start something new and something quicker.

Hopefully it won't be two months before I post another finished project. 


  1. Sometimes I wonder why we continue to purchase more patterns when we have such wonderful treasures already in our possession! This top is a wonderful example of that.

    1. Carolyn, I am still trying to get a TNT dress pattern, since you have inspired me to do so!

  2. I agree! The old patterns still have the same bones and design features we are looking for, and this pattern is a keeper.

  3. Slow is just fine. That's a perfect cardi for all seasons. Nice sewing!

  4. My favorite patterns are the ones that have been in my stash for 10 years or more. Not are they cut to fit better than many of the new patterns, the clothes are faster to make because we already know what to expect before we pin pattern to fabric. Besides, a classic cardin pattern like this one never goes out of style. You can make this very same top again several years from now and it will look just as great.