Friday, March 16, 2012

Second Knit Top

This is the second top from the Marcy Tilton pattern, this time in a rayon/lycra knit. This knit almost feels like slinky knit, it has that kind of drape and feel to it.

This is a close up of the neckline to show the little darts over each raglan seam, but they are hard to see on this print. I might sew some buttons on the front seams of the neckline as shown in the pattern, but none of my enormous button collection seemed suitable.

There will be a trip to the fabric store in the near future.
So I have kept to my resolution and made up two items from stash fabrics, which means that I can purchase one fabric length. We shall see, I have another project planned with another fabric that I bought with this knit, intending for the two to go together. It's good to whittle down that stash.


  1. You have sold me on this top. I will have to get the pattern and make a couple of tops out of it. Another one I want to try is Vogue 8793 by Katherine Tilton. Shams made it and it has intrigued me.

  2. A lovely print, and the top looks very comfortable. It does feel good to whittle down the stash, doesn't it?