Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Next Project

I couldn't wait to finish the last sweater because I had this one lined up. A short sleeve little sweater just right to wear over soft dresses. Now to find a rayon batik similar to the one in the photo. I can see the style of dress, but the fabric might be harder to find. Guess I didn't stash enough from when I had the fabric business!

I knitted and unraveled this about five times before I got the hang of the pattern. I guess I can't watch a movie and count at the same time. There are a couple of mistakes but this is the back and the mistakes are near the ends, so they won't be visible. And I never considered myself a perfectionist. (Correction, I must be a perfectionist, because I just ripped it out again to start over, as the mistakes were bothering me.)

The yarn is a very soft soya cotton called Sublime. I wanted to knit with a finer yarn than my previous two sweaters, so asked Louise at LK Yarns for what I should pick. She took me to the middle row of her store and said this weight and began to advise me on what to pick. But my hand reached out and touched this yarn and the decision was made immediately.
LK Yarns is a delightful shop in the Hydrostone area of Halifax. Louise began years ago with a small area within Sears. Everyone thought she was selling Sears yarns and they were surprised by the price and selection. Not your usual acrylic wash and wear stuff. She stayed there for years, then moved into a renovated store in a small strip of shops in north end Halifax. The shop has high ceilings with the heating ducts visible, old wooden floors and everything speaks antique and cozy. I love the shop and now that my knitting has resurfaced, I will be in there more often.

I knit slow, but I do so enjoy it these days. Something about sitting in the evening with my husband. Last night, we had a fight discussion of something I had read on a blog. I dislike arguing, but Nick calls it discussion and he loves it. Somehow I have to find the balance in there.

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