Friday, March 4, 2011

Beefing It Up

This brocade really did need some substance and I debated whether to use silk organza or cotton flannelette. I opted for the flannelette and I am glad I did. I sewed up the front and back in flannel, then inserted them into the jacket with the seams facing inward to avoid any bulky impressions on the outside.

Jacket turned inside out, the sleeves have been basted in. No underlining in the sleeves, they don't need it.
Next will be the lining, which will be placed wrong side to wrong side of jacket, then the collar and cuffs will be applied. These will be applied over the lining, encasing all the raw edges. The only unfinished edges will be the edge of the front facings and the hem, and I may opt for Hong Kong finish on those. I am much happier now that I have done this.
I had thought this would be a quick jacket, and certainly stopping and re-thinking about the underlining has turned it into a longer project, but I know I will like it better for the extra work and it will get worn much more.


  1. Loving this jacket and glad you went for flannelette as you will enjoy the warmth it will give. I can hardly wait to see it done.

  2. Haven't posted in a few days, but am getting there. The photo looks very boxy, but the jacket is not boxy at all. I have the collar on now, and lots of frayed threads everywhere. Just have the cuffs, hem and buttonholes left to do, but 5 grandchildren are arriving this weekend so this may not get finished until after they depart.