Monday, February 7, 2011

Jacket #2

So far, so good. This topic of a Jacket a Month is keeping me on track. Well, I do realise that we are only in the second month of the year, but I do feel the necessity to keep going and to actually complete projects.

Today, I completed my wool coat and have put up a photo of the coat plus one of the inside. I did quite a lot of hand sewing on this coat. First, all the hair canvas was catch-stitched to the fronts, the collar, and hems of sleeves and coat body. Plus I did all the hems by hand. There is no top-stitching on this jacket at all, which is unusual for me, since I love top-stitching. But it just didn't seem to be right for this fabric and style.

The fit is good, loose enough to wear a sweater or jacket underneath and the coat is also short enough and light enough to be the first choice when popping out of the house to run errands.

I must remember to keep the lint brush close by the door, however, as Teddy our beloved canine, christens every item of clothing with his white and grey hairs. As I saw on someone else's post, her dog is a part of every thing she makes!

Today I picked up the buttons that I needed to complete the coat and of course, checked out the pattern catalogs as well. The new Butterick patterns that Carolyn posted last week, haven't made it to our neck of the woods yet. But I did pick up a t-shirt pattern from Connie Crawford. I haven't tried any of her patterns yet, and thought this would be a good one to start with. Three versions of a classic tee --- shirt-fitted, semi-fitted, and close-fitting. Two sleeve variations, short or cap. It would be easy to substitute a long sleeve I am sure.

So that pattern is next on the list to make, as I am always in need of new tees. And winter is just so long, that I will make this in something bright from the stash.


  1. Hi Julie,
    I love your coat! It looks great. I agree with you on the raglan sleeves - so much more comfortable!

    I've been looking around for a pattern for a new winter coat, as my beautiful red leather car coat has seen better days. And while I still want a red coat, this time it's going to be wool, and it's going to be made by me.

    I guess I'm going to the fabric store this weekend after all...

    Pearl in Vancouver

  2. Julie, you have a beautiful coat and I love the simplicity of the pattern. I also love the piping where the lining and outer fabric meet.

    I can hardly wait for your next coat.

  3. Julie, great coat for your Canadian weather. Like the piping which always shows that little extra effort for detail.