Thursday, June 2, 2016

Keeping Track

Keeping track of fabric purchases and how much gets sewn up.

Since I last kept record, I have bought 9 yards (=8.2 metres) of fabric in Joanne's, Bangor Maine, 2.5 metres of cotton shirting at Fabricville, 2 metres of quilting cotton at Fabricville, Halifax and 3.5 metres of shirting cotton from Blackbird Fabrics in Vancouver.

Total purchased =  16.2 metres

Sewn up:

-  Silhouette Classic shirt in rayon from Black Bird Fabrics  -  1.8 metres
-  muslin of McCalls 6696 in pink chambray from the stash -  3 metres
-  3 dresses for grand-daughter Hannah using up 7.5 metres
-  shirt in previous post  - 2 metres

for a total of  14.3 metres

Uh, still accumulating more than I am making up.

Running total for 2016:   30.9  metres of fabric purchased
                                     26.6 metres sewn up


  1. I would call it a win if my totals were that close! Even with buying less fabric I refuse to count/keep track it would discourage me. You are doing great!!!