Friday, March 11, 2016

Sonya's Blouse

Pictures will follow, hopefully tomorrow.

I have made two blouses from Peggy Sagers' Sonya Blouse pattern.

It is always a good idea to make up a pattern more than once, particularly if you like the first version. Of course, there are some patterns that we never want to see again, but if you like something, the second go-round is always better. It sews up much faster, and you have fine-tuned the fit. No surprises on the second version.

I am going to keep a box with patterns that I have made a few times, that pass the test of being good patterns. The advantage of having TNT patterns, which you will know from having read Caroline's blog -  - is that you can use those patterns to test the fit of other patterns before you even cut them out. A great time-saver, not to mention saving in fabric costs.

So keeping track of fabric sewed up since last post:

3 metres sewed up  (total of 9.3 metres this year)
0 metres bought

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