Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Creating

Whew, it has been quite a long time since I posted anything here. Not that I haven't been sewing or knitting. Actually I have been quite busy with my fingers.

I made a shirt dress in a cotton plaid, no pics of that yet, a cotton skirt plus some knit tops. But I have been knitting more than sewing. I think this is because I have turned into a news-junkie and the news is not available in my sewing room.

Since I can't just sit and watch television, I have picked up the needles and wool and have turned out two sweaters, one to be sewn together, a very long cowl (which is proving tremendously useful as a head cover in the blistery January weather), and am currently knitting a complicated Aran sweater.

The long cowl, probably 50" in length, then joined into a circle; it can be wrapped around my neck twice and I can pull one wrap up over my head as a hood.

The beginning of a sleeve in Cascade 220, sport weight wool

The pattern is Plaits and Links by Kathy Zimmerman. I seem to like everything this woman designs; she loves the look of cables and textured stitches, and that is exactly what I love about knitted projects. I haven't knit anything this complicated since I was a teenager, when I knit an Aran pullover for a friend. I can't believe I actually completed that, given my inexperience as a knitter, but perhaps when one is young, things don't seem as advanced or difficult as they do to the older mind.

I had almost the exact shade of green yarn on hand from a sweater I knit last year, that I then ripped out. It just wasn't right. When I saw this pattern in a magazine, I knew exactly what to do with that apple green yarn. This will be a long project, probably taking most of the winter months, but I am not in any rush to finish as I find it is the process that I enjoy, much more than the actualy finished result.

Link to the pattern on Ravelry


  1. A lovely cowl with a cable and it will be so warm in the winter you are having. I also like the sweater pattern. I like cables and this one is very unique. Will have to put it into my library on Ravelry.

  2. You are a very talented knitter, with a lot of patience. The sweater pattern is beautiful, with that lovely cable pattern up the front and the extra long rib feature. Can't wait to see your one made up.

  3. Great to see you back. I miss my blog people when they go missing. You're such an expert knitter. Beautiful work.

  4. Oh but I'm not an expert knitter. I just returned to it last winter, and am so enjoying it. But I was never that good. Crochet was my thing for years, but I find knitted items are more flexible than crocheted items. I have a lot of navy fabrics in the stash, and I love navy with this shade of green.