Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweater Blocking

I finished knitting this sweater a couple of days ago, and then began the rather lengthy process of threading in yarn tails and sewing up seams. I understand why people prefer to knit on circular needles, so they don't have much of this to do. But the weight of a sweater on circular needles is not something I enjoy, so I will have to sew up the seams on all future sweaters.

Having read a little about blocking, I thought I should do this with this sweater. It is advisable to block the pieces before they are sewn and I should have done this. But I shall see how this method works. I covered a styrofoam board with 1/4" gingham, thinking that I would use the gingham to measure the sweater. Not at all, I took out the tape measure and pinned the sweater to the dimensions written on the diagram. Now I will mist the sweater with water, get it fairly damp and cover it with a towel for a few days until it dries completely.

I am not sure how this yarn will behave, as it is a new kind of yarn and acts very much like rayon fabric. It feels wonderful in the hand, but is heavy and drapey when made up. The finished sweater may grow in the wearing, we shall see.


  1. I think the extra effort of blocking your jumper will pay off. Your time and work is worth it! Such a lovely colour...

  2. You want something different to knit? How about the baby blanket on Kitty Couture? I've always wanted an Erin/Aran type baby blanket. Hint, hint.

  3. I refrained from commenting on her blanket, I thought it is awfully heavy for a newborn. Also, I was hoping to know the sex of #6 before knitting a blanket, hint, hint!